About Us
Harrisound installs audio, video, and networking systems for residential and commercial applications, as well as places of worship.  We work directly with many builders and designers to ensure the electronics are seamlessly integrated with the other elements of your new construction project.  But perhaps what really sets us apart is our ability to retro-fit systems into your existing home or business.  With over twenty years of experience, we're able to get cables and equipment installed discreetly where others couldn't.
Harrisound specializes in...
  • Home Theater
  • Whole-house audio
  • TV installations
  • Computer networking
  • House of worship audio/video systems
  • Commercial background music & paging
  • Commercial sound-masking
  • Conference rooms
  • Digital signage
...and we're constantly adapting to new technologies.

We also realize that technology can be confusing and sometimes frustrating.  We take the time to ensure that you understand your system and how to operate it.

David Harris has been designing and installing custom audio and video systems for over twenty years.  Harrisound was formed in 2003 to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to our Southeastern Wisconisn and Northeastern Illinois customers.  David will oversee every phase of the project and ensure that you are fully comfortable operating your systems.